Material: Soft Cork

Process: Logo Printed

One Side

Attachment: No

Material: PVC Leather

Process: Logo Printed

Full Sides

Attachment: Keychain + Card

Material: PU + Rubber

Process: Logo Printed

Full Sides

Attachment: Keychain

Material: Cardboard

Process: Printed

Sponge Tray

Style: Sleeve

Material: Plastic

Process: No Logo

Available for Pins, Keychains, Tie Clips etc

Plastic or velvet paper Insert

Material: Velvet Cloth + Plastic Inner

Process: Logo Printed / Hot Stamped

Available for Cufflinks, Chanllenge Coins etc

Velvet Paper Insert

Material: Velvet Fabric

Process: Printed / Hot Stamped / Embroidered

One Side / Two Sides

Attachment: Drawstring

Material: Paper Card

Process: Printed

200gsm / 300gsm / 350gsm ...

For Pins

Material: Paper Sticker

Process: Printed

Bar Code + Info

Attached to Polybag

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No 29, Bldg D, Lijing City Plaza,
Sanxiang Town, Zhongshan City
Guangdong, China

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